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DigiPlox Studios is a team of indie developers dedicated to make its mark in the entertainment industry.

Unreal Engine

Our team specializes in the use of Unreal Engine technology to produce our upcoming titles.

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Our goal is to create a new and modern generation of the Action Platformer by increasing the graphical fidelity of gameplay and taking a fresh and new approach to audio. We want to to revitalize what it means to be a 3D Action Platformer for the next generation of gaming while still remaining true to the classical elements of the genre we all know and love.

What is Android Hunter A?

Android Hunter A is a next generation sidescroller shooter taking classic action platforming to the next level. Cinematic tension, Virtual Reality support, a vibrant diversity of stage environments and a unique ranking system are just a few of the many awesome features Android Hunter A has to offer.
  • Be a part of a new and exciting story from its infancy !
  • Work with the developers to fine tune and perfect the more intimate aspects of the game.
  • Receive a special in-game badge only available to beta members. (coming soon) 
  • Access to the digital version of the full AHA soundtrack, before anyone else! (coming soon) 
  • Have pride in knowing that you support a group of passionate developers committed to revitalizing the spirit of the action platformer !

Download Alpha 2.0

Developers Note

We are aware of the bugs currently present in the alpha demo. We plan to address them in an upcoming announcement regarding our future plans with Android Hunter A!

Don’t forget to follow the development of the project on our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/androidhunteragame

About Us

Making Its way into the gaming industry, DigiPlox was first established in 2009 as a partnered organization working together with indie development groups on notable projects for both mobile and desktop platforms. Now, an independent organization, DigiPlox is striving to make its mark in the industry with its own working titles and ambitions.

  • Vijay Kumar - Creative Director

  • Alvaro Abreu - Lead Gameplay Programmer

  • Irvin Tiu - 2D Artist / 3D Artist

  • Ivan Tiu - 3D Artist

  • Lawrence Steele - Audio Engineer / Music Composer