Revitalizing the Action Platformer for Next Generation Gaming !

Our goal is to create a new and modern generation of the Action Platformer by increasing the graphical fidelity of gameplay and taking a fresh and new approach to audio. We want to to revitalize what it means to be a 3D Action Platformer for the next generation of gaming while still remaining true to the classical elements of the genre we all know and love.

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Download the alpha demo to get a taste of what Android Hunter A is all about!

  • Be a part of a new and exciting story from its infancy !
  • Work with the developers to fine tune and perfect the more intimate aspects of the game.
  • Receive a special in-game badge only available to beta members. (coming soon) 
  • Access to the digital version of the full AHA soundtrack, before anyone else! (coming soon) 
  • Have pride in knowing that you support a group of passionate developers committed to revitalizing the spirit of the action platformer !

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Highlighted Comments

Android Hunter A is a 3-D action platformer being developed by DigiPlox, and hopes to build upon the success and nostalgia of games like Mega Man while bringing something new to the table. Specifically, they’re looking at smoother motion, better graphics, and an upgrade to the controls and handling that those of us who grew up on arcades know and love.

Bonnie BurgetterIGM WriterTwitter

While granted this doesn’t show as much gameplay or look quite as slickly-executed as Mighty No. 9, the production values are good enough that I’m surprised it hasn’t raised more money on Kickstarter.

Kevin FishburneCommunity MemberIGM